e n g l i s h class

light, sky, and stars image

"between the lines,
between you and me,
i hope-
we are under the same sky"

I'm not fluent in English yet I tried to master in it. Sometimes my English marks higher than my Bahasa that makes me doubt about my warganegara, till I've this thought, am I truly warganegara or not? LOL. 

And because I've once had my English marks higher than Bahasa, (well, more than one time I think) I got that feeling that "oh, I dont need to study English because my English is so damn well."

So, when the result came out, dang it! It's not what I expected. It's not what I want. I was too confident, I think. Because I was overconfident, and when I didnt get what I want, it was so upsetting.

Sometimes, things that we think they are easy, they are actually not as we think. (Is this a tongue twister or what? LOL.)

Moral of the story: confident builds, overconfident kills.

Wish me luck for upcoming exams!

P/s; I'm trying to improve my English, and this is one of the ways. Any grammar error, typo and other mistakes that you aware and noticed, and you think I should edit it, please leave your comments :)


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